Indie Revolution: Star Citizen


Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries

For my second Indie Revolution I decided to tell you guys a little about Star Citizen, a game under development by the legendary Chris Roberts, a man known for such classics as the Wing Commander Series, Privateer and Freelancer. As expected from the man himself, the game is going to be a space trading and combat simulator set in the 30th century where the players (you heard me!) are able to forge their own destinies in a persistent universe. The game shares many similarities with EVE Online, but to me it seems that Star Citizen will be a bit more hands on and will include planetary exploration and combat without having to own a Playstation 3.

The game itself has been crowd funded from the start, having begin it’s odyssey on Kickstarter where it managed to raise over six million dollars before the campaign ended… but it did not stop the crowdfunding from continuing. The support for the game continued on the games own website where it continues to grow almost daily.

With around 35 million dollars as a budget for the game, and a team that seems to love doing what they are doing I’ve real hopes that Star Citizen will be able to deliver a big enough bang for me to leave EVE Online for good and migrate to a new world where to explore, trade and… aww, hell… we all know it’s coming.


The game might not be a 4X game, but I do believe with large enough player empires it can result in similar amounts of epic spacebattles as vast armadas clash and backroom politics come to fore. I for one am looking forward to it!

This is Olli, signing off for now… and logging into Tranquility.


Indie Revolution: The Mandate


The Mandate by Perihelion Interactive.

Upon reading my last post and the comments by Biahelvetti, I decided that I might make this into a thing for this blog. I will introduce games that I’ve Pledged or find interesting on Kickstarter or similar sites. Support the revolution and hope that you find it interesting as well and support what I support!

The first in this series will be the Mandate; a strategy role-playing game by Perihelion Interactive. The game begins roughly a thousand years into the future with the player as a disgraced Mandate Captain released from their prison sentence due to the Grand Fleet having been cast adrift by rebellious elements within the Empire. Given the scepter of the Empress and a ship, it is your task to gather the remnants of the Grand Fleet and save the young Empress from certain destruction… or then join the rebels and oust the feudal principles of the Empire… or become a pirate and sack things for the hell of it. Do you see where I am going with this? Story with lots of choices, some expected… some less so.

The game itself is not even in alpha stage yet, but Perihelion is making regular updates on the games site and letting us know their plans and progress. So far the most impressive tidbits have been the fact that you will not just control a ship, but rather its crew, placing specialists and different locations to achieve results, and defending the ship from boarders with your marines.

As you become more and more powerful you may end up commanding a fleet of ships, making the combat increasingly strategic and giving a good old fashioned epic scifi feel. I for one am very excited about this game and am hoping that everyone will give it as much support as they are able (and desire to!) so that we can have a fantastic experience.

Whilst the Kickstarter Campaign has ended long ago, one can still make pledges with PayPal on the games website.

Have a good one everyone. Next post will be either about the Star Citizen, or then the Serpents Tongue…Look forward to it.