A Dicey Proposition


Hello I am Olli and this is my first ever post in a blog. Having followed some of the more intriguing ones for a while I decided that I too might make my own and ramble on things that are interesting to me. Seems rather therapeutic really. Maybe something will come out of this exercise in word play and imagination… maybe not. I guess we’ll see.

Some background on myself: I am a young man from Finland that has traveled the world in his youth, with a ravenous appetite for all things with a good story. It doesn’t matter what format: games, books, TV shows, movies… it’s all good to me as long as the story is good and can keep me entertained. In this blog I will attempt to explore my interests and unravel WHY I find those particular things interesting… and why you should too.

This blog hasn’t really been planned, but out of the top of my head I can already think of a few different types of posts: Posts where I ramble about my life and recent experiences, Posts where I show off something that I love and explain why (such as a TV show or a game) and Posts where I instruct/show a tabletop RPG and teach anyone interested its basics.

As stated prior: I really have no idea where this blog will take us, but I am hoping you will find it interesting and give me feedback; positive or negative or constructive. I am not easily burned off and like to think of myself as a strong enough character to take some critique without bursting into tears. I reserve tears only for Doctor Who’s epic moments and excellent cooking.

Cheerio everyone!