Independence and DEATH


Today is a notable day for two reasons. Firstly it is the independence day of my homeland of Finland, and secondly Nelson Mandela died last night. Whilst I did spend some time in South Africa last year and my mother and step-father have an invitation to his funeral I cannot claim to know much of the man… well not much beyond everything learned from a museum trip and school lessons.

Whilst Mandela’s death has indeed been noted today, the day is really about Independence for us Finns, and that shows. The day has been filled with marches, fine dinners and prayers in the many churches and faiths of the land. The day for me has been filled with time spent with my family amidst the snowy December darkness. We ate, we drunk and watched the latest president shake hands with a lot of people. All in all it has been a nice day and tomorrow it is time to make peppermint cookies!

…I wonder if those cookies will survive the day. They may face a tragic accident between the oven and the storage. You never know right?