Death, Swords and Other Things


Hello, it has been quite a while since I last updated this blog, but a lot has happened since last year and I feel like I should simply muse a bit on the past few weeks.

When I last left you Christmas was upon us and I left with my girlfriend to spend it with my fathers side of the family. We ate, drank and were generally merry, if low key in our celebrations. I find that as we get older having lots of presents and loud music changes to wanting a peaceful few days with the family and good food and drink.

After we returned home there was new year (both Chinese and “traditional”) and then we returned to business as usual. I got back to my new job and she continued her studies in the university. In fact we became so busy that we barely noticed the month and a half pass before our eyes and it wasn’t until Valentines day that we’ve had a bit of time to relax.

However approximately a weak ago I got a call from my uncle that my aunt had died and have since been dealing with that. The funeral is set to take place soon and I hope that the family… and I can get over it. She wouldn’t have wanted us to grieve for too long.

Since then I’ve begun considering new hobbies… mainly the European School of Swordsmanship ran by Guy Windsor or other similar ones in Helsinki. The hobby seems interesting and would give me a reason to exercise a bit more.

Did you guys have any interesting experiences during the holiday season, or thoughts on a hobby of choice?

Winter Insanity, Problems with Feet and lots and lots of Excuses


Hello folks, I figured I’d give you a quick update (and a list of excuses!) on what I’ve been doing for the past … month or so and why I haven’t updated my blog. Admittedly everyone probably knows why one wouldn’t post during Christmas and New Years, but my silence has been prolonged enough!

I actually got a job during December and hence have had a lot less time to write down my musings here, but I figure now that life is settling down to comfortable routine again, I’ll be able to write things. My silence for the past week or so I can attribute to having minor surgery done on my foot, but now that the bandages and painkillers are gone I no longer have an excuse to shirk.

Going to get to writing in the next few days!

Look forward to it!