Our Last Best Hopes


…For good television have died. A pretty blunt statement, eh? Just wait till I get to ranting about it.

Before I truly begin I should explain my tastes in television a bit. I’m an ardent scifi and fantasy fanboy and my tastes in television are such. Growing up I watched the “greats” running episode by episode and got caught up in two particular series: Babylon 5 and Stargate SG-1. Despite my young age I already knew enough to abhor Star Trek. No offense to any trekkies reading this, but I simply couldn’t take the show seriously and the complete rip-off that was DS9 killed any interest I might’ve ever gathered in the franchise.

Now Babylon 5 and Stargate SG-1 both had a good run. Babylon 5 was even picked up for an extra season, but I won’t get into the BETRAYAL that was season 5 in this post; and SG-1 ran for a full ten seasons with a splash of movies and no less than two spin-offs. Around the time that Babylon 5 finished and Stargate Atlantis began I got hooked on… well you know what. Only the greatest scifi series of all time… namely Firefly by Joss Wheadon.

Guess what happened to all the potential shows I could watch? Firefly, Babylon 5: The Crusade and BOTH of the Stargate spin-offs turned out either cancelled or pretty damned boring. Not only did this make me sad, but it left only one proper scifi show on tv… and that was Battlestar Galactica. A show I, and many others began to dislike immensely after approximately three seasons of the same special effects and insane developments. Still, I kept watching. What else could I do? It’s not like there was anything better on right?

I watched Battlestar Galactica all the way to its disappointing and highly confusing ending in 2009 and found myself wandering the dark and lonely paths of the interwebs. Most English language shows come into Finland with approximately a year or two delay if we’re lucky and the less is said about Finnish television the better.

I was ready to give up on TV all together, but then I discovered a series which I probably should’ve taken seriously years before. After a Legend of the Seeker binge I noticed an old Doctor Who rerun going on and decided to watch it. I needed only to watch a single episode to know what to do.

The next day I entered my local gaming/entertainment store and bought all five seasons of the New Doctor Who and consumed them in only a few weeks. After that I did my best to get my hands on the older Doctors, but had little luck… and then settled down to watch Matt Smith as the new Doctor. Again I was disappointed. I had gotten so attached to David Tennant as the Doctor that I had forgotten the old DW fan maxim: There are no “better” Doctors. They are all the same character. 

Try as I might though I couldn’t get a good first impression of the man. His face looked strange, his voice annoying and the fact that he liked to hang around little girls a tad… worrisome. However I was determined not to be left behind and watched the series until the season finale and was hooked once again.

Life has been good for the past few years, at least in the TV department. I’ve had Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Castle, Warehouse 13, Supernatural and Eureka to watch, and a few weeks ago the premiere of Almost Human got me hooked as well. Right now I do indeed have hopes for the future of good television fiction, but I have fears as well. I fear that many of these great shows will be cancelled and leave me and many others hanging once again.

So here in front of all you witnesses I fall on my knees in front of every producer ever. PLEASE DON’T TAKE OUR SHOWS AWAY FROM US!

This is Olli, about to eat dinner. Have a good evening everyone.

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